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New Replay HYPERFLEX Jeans now at

S T R E T C H Y O U R L I M I T S     W I T H    R E P L A Y    H Y P E R F L E X    J E A N S

a v a i l a b l e   a t

Replay changes the rules of denim by stretching the limits of the manufacturing process, then brings the concept to the fore by launching the Replay Hyperflex collection, an innovative product where the stretch denim experience attains smart new heights. The main features of Replay Hyperflex are high elasticity, excellent fabric recovery and superior comfort. This means that Replay Hyperflex offers complete ease of motion, great shape retention – no sagging or deforming even after considerable wear, plus a luxurious feel.

As for the fabric, Lycra comprises the corespun, Poly defines the middle, while the external layer of cotton is what gives the jeans an authentic denim look. The two top fibers protecting the Lycra ensure that the stretch factor isn't compromised by neither industrial nor domestic washes.

Fits for guys: a choice between a skinny low waist five-pocket jean and a slim fit regular waist style with softly tapered leg. The jeans come in three different washes: a very dark tone with rich sheen, a medium tone with pale yellow dirty tinge, and a light tone with quiet brilliance.

FC Barcelona stars Neymar Jr., Gerard Piqué, Luis Suarez, Andrés Iniesta and Ivan Rakitic work wonders with the ball while sporting the new Replay Hyperflex jeans.

R e p l a y   A n b a s s   H y p e r f l e x   5 1 9   R a w   S t r e t c h

R e p l a y   A n b a s s   H y p e r f l e x   5 2 3   S t r e t c h

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