Birkenstock Arizona Sandals - All You Need To Know.

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Arizona - Core Classic

The Arizona model is  BIRKENSTOCK’s best-selling sandal and has shaped the image of BIRKENSTOCK like no other model. Introduced in 1973, it has many dedicated fans around the world. Like all of BIRKENSTOCK’S classic models, this two-strap sandal comes in a number of different colours and materials.

Birkenstock’s goal isn’t just to make footwear, they strive to make a product that enriches the lives of their customers and carry them through they might encounter. Consistency is key and the reason they customers return again and again. Birkenstock place an emphasis on sourcing and selecting the highest quality materials for their footwear, like soft leathers, organic textiles and cushioned cork - comfortable, attractive whilst remaining practical and long-lasting.


The original Birkenstock footbed.

At the heart of your Birkenstock’s is the Original Birkenstock Footbed. The construction of the footbed has been though out to the smallest detail to emulate a footprint in the sand. The footbed provides optimal shock absorption and grip to keep the shoe on your feet whilst on the move. The anatomical moulding may even relieve foot, joints and back pressure when you walk.

1. Heel Cup.

To aid the support of the heel tissue and keep the heel bone in its natural position.

2. Longitudinal arch support.

This support surround the tarsal bone inside and out. They provide the foot with the stability needed when taking steps, whilst supporting and strengthening the inner arch. Additional support for the back of the foot, improving gait and coordination.

 3. Heel mold.

The outer arch support promotes movement that is easy on the joints and reduces the chances of twisting your ankle. The heel mold activates the calf muscles, stabilises the back of the foot  back of the foot, improving gait and coordination.

 4. Transverse arch support.

Running roughly down the middle of the footbed, this support stabilises the metatarsal bone, reducing pressure on the ball of the foot and helping to prevent splayfoot. The transverse arch support helps to ensure that the foot has a naturally straight and solid stance.

 5. Toe grip.

Raised indentation are applied to the toe area in the front of the footbed. Thanks to the toe grip, toes will remain relaxed in a natural position, this also aids a natural flexing action when walking.

 6. Footbed edges.

The footbed is drawn up especially high at the the front end. This helps to protect the toes during the rolling movement of the foot when walking.





7. First layer of jute.

The first layer of jute forms the basis of the footbed, helping to bond the natural cork and latex core.



8. Cork and latex footbed.

At the heat of all Birkenstock footwear is the cork and latex footbed. The highly flexible cork and latex offers optimal shock-absorption, support and relieves pressure on the feet. The natural material is heat and cold insulating and keeps feet fresh.

9. Second layer of jute.

The second layer of jute is placed around the sides footbed, providing flexibility throughout the footbed and significantly contributes to its durability. This thick layer of absorbent jute helps regulate moisture.

10. Suede lining.

The suede lining absorbs moister. The natural properties of this high-quality top layer helps to keep feet fresh.



EVA Sandal Sole


The EVA sole has a distinctive bone-pattern tread and is recognised throughout the Birkenstock range.

The standard EVA sole for adult models has a thickness of 10 mm, this is punched from an EVA plate and bonded to the underside of the footbed by hand with the help of a solvent-free adhesive that is activated by heat.

The soles have very good cushioning properties and are extremely flexible so that they support the natural rolling motion of the foot.

Light, extremely scuff-resistant and durable. As a result, they don't wear down more on one side than the other and as such will help to prevent posture problems.




Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is extremely lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean making these the perfect travel companion. 



Birko-Flor is a high quality, non-leather material. It is a skin friendly, tear-proof and easy to care for material with a smooth, leather-like finish. The part that is in contact with the skin is made from soft fleece for optimal long-lasting comfort.


A term for a type of leather that has been buffed on the inside, this may also be known as buckskin. It has a rough, fibrous finish which is soft and flexible. It is open-pored and is especially breathable.


Nubuck Oiled leather

A soft top-grain leather that has a lightly buffed surface with no grains. Much like velvet, brushing the surface of nubuck leather displaces the fibres and leaves a visible mark. The oil treatment of this leather reduces the leathers sensitivity to moisture and colour.

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