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At Arena we sell a range of Saucony’s most iconic vintage shoe models the ‘JAZZ’ and the ‘DXN’. Here’s all you need to know about how the Saucony brand pioneered the running shoe, and quickly developed from serious runners best kept secret, to an industry standard sought after by the masses. 

“Founded just two years after the first Olympic Marathon, and one year after the first Boston Marathon, we’ve got running in our blood”. 

The Saucony brand was born in 1898, when at this time, there weren’t any high performance running shoes – it was leather spikes, or bare feet. That was until four young business opened the Saucony shoe manufacturing company in Kutztown, Pennsylvania – determined to create a shoe that would change the way people run.

Fast forward to 1972, history was made when American Frank Shorter won gold in the Olympic, lighting a spark in the Saucony company. Just five years later in ’77, Saucony shoes were awarded best quality in Consumer Reports Magazine. With such success, Saucony rapidly ascended in popularity, and mounted its position as the most sought after running shoe of that time.


Saucony comes the Lenni Lenape Native American word 'Saconk', which translates to 'where two rivers run together'.
The Saucony logo is inspired by the location 'Sacuony Creek', where three boulders are fixed in the river. 


In 1981, the iconic Saucony silhouette and triangular lug footprint with established with the birth of the Jazz. While working close with podiatrists, the shoe was developed in order to keep runners comfortable whilst also handling the impact of distance running.   

Crafted from Nylon and Suede, this sneaker features a padded tongue, collar and foot bed that provides superior shock absorption, fit, and extra comfort.

Still inspiring the Saucony sole today, the triangle lug outsole was developed in order to provide traction and create a piston-like suspension system.



1983 marked the year Rod Dixon came from behind to win the New York marathon by 9 seconds, famously wearing a pair of racing flats created by himself alongside Saucony engineers. After this legendary win, Dixon was contracted by Saucony to design a shoe in his namesake.

Dixon would frequently visit the Saucony factor to run hundreds of miles in every iteration of his shoe, often obsessing over details such as the heel to toe offset. With such determination and dedication, the famous Saucony DXN was completed, and quickly paced itself into the ranks of legends.

  Rod Dixon celebrating his legendary win, pictured wearing his own-designed flats that would later inspire the Saucony DXN.
Crafted from Nylon, Suede and Mesh for increased longer wear, this sneaker features textile lining and cushioning, a shock-absorbing EVA midsole, and durable rubber traction outsole. Completely with vintage Saucony branding.


“This fashion sneaker has placed itself into the history books” and has been welcomed into the Saucony vintage collection.


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